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The VFX 2da defines the various elements that constitute each visual effect in the game.

The 2da is defined as an m2da in the M2DA_base 2da and has an ID of 8. It can be extended by m2da fragments which have names starting with VFX_. It has as not been assigned a TABLE_* constant.


Column Type Description
ID int A number that uniquely identifies the entry (unless creating an M2DA override). ID numbers are listed from smallest to highest within a given file but do not need to be consecutive.
Label string
Type string
FixedOrientation bool
AlignToGround bool
ModelName string
ModelName1 string
Size1 float
ModelName2 string
Size2 float
ModelName3 string
size3 float
BlendTreeName string
CrustEffect bool
SoundImpact string
SoundImpactVolume float
SoundImpactPitch float
SoundDuration string
SoundDurationVolume float
SoundDurationPitch float
SoundCessation string
SoundCessationVolume float
SoundCessationPitch float
Tint string The color tinting applied to the VFX
LoadGlobal int
AutoId comment
Description comment
Category comment
Comment comment
PauseAnimate bool
Priority int
ShowInPaperdoll bool


Each VFX has its own row in the 2DA file. Each VFX is divided into 3 parts: impact, duration, and cessation. Each part will have its own slot in that VFX's row. Each slot is an entry for an FMOD event that will be the designated sound for that part of that VFX.

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