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Welcome to the Dragon Age Toolset documentation wiki!

The Dragon Age Toolset puts the power of the game developer in the palm of your hands. The Dragon Age Toolset will allow you to produce your own content including dungeons crawls, full-length campaigns, add-ons and cut-scenes you can share with friends and the BioWare community.

You can click here to download Dragon Age Toolset v1.01 from the Bioware CDN.

For assistance with installing or running the game, or for issues regarding BioWare-published content, see the Dragon Age Keep.

Getting Started

The toolset can be very daunting to dive into at first. This section covers topics useful to new users - how to get the toolset set up, how to navigate its interfaces, and where to look to get started on common tasks.


This section contains a list of step-by-step tutorials for a wide variety of editors and tasks you might need to do. Note that these tutorials will also be linked to from the sections that cover their respective subject matter; this is just to collect them all into one place for ease of reference.


Once you have the pieces you need for an adventure - level layouts, creatures, abilities, and so forth - there's still the step of putting it all together into a playable game. This involves placing resources into areas, hooking up plots, and all sorts of other miscellaneous tasks.


This section covers such things as how to import new models into the game, how to design level layouts, and how to create unique head morphs for NPCs. You can download the art sources for the main campaign from the Single player and core resource source files project.


Dragon Age is a heavily cinematics-oriented game. Every line in every conversation has the potential to be written as a full-blown cutscene, though in most cases a simpler treatment is perfectly adequate. Cutscenes can also be created independent of any conversation, to be triggered by script at appropriate moments.

Sound and music

Sounds are used in Dragon Age in a variety of ways. Voice over, background music, the sounds of combat and spells, ambient noises placed throughout areas or triggered by scripts and player actions, are all covered in this section.


Scripting is used whenever the designers need control over the game's behaviour. The syntax for DA scripts is very similar to the C programming language. Scripting is commonly used to:

  • Trigger plot events
  • Create or modify abilities - skills, talents, and spells
  • Handle creature and party member AI

3rd party extensions

The toolset released by BioWare doesn't cover every possible task that might be needed by the end user. This section covers third-party tools that don't easily fall under other subject areas covered by the toolset.

  • Also see technical information for a list of documents about the more in-depth technical workings of the toolset and of Dragon Age: Origins.

Editing this wiki

The documentation for the toolset is still being worked on so some of the material here may be incomplete or somewhat out-of-date. If you wish to contribute (either by adding your own material or by highlighting holes) you are most welcome to jump right in and edit. If you see something that needs improvement but you're not sure how (or you just don't have the time) you can mark it by adding "{{undocumented}}" at the trouble spot.

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