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Level editor topics

The idea behind showing these models is to give the player a quick view of the actual model that corresponds with a model file name. Most of the files have meaningful names however the builder will still find that he/she has to place the model in the level to see what it looks like. These will allow the builder to quickly view model images and thus save them time in level building.


DATool is a small utility written by Adinos that allows the viewing and retexturing of the models from Dragon Age. If you do not see an image below for the model you're curious about try DATool.

Naming conventions

See Main Article: Naming conventions

Introductional Notes

  • Black models are used to surround indoor areas so that players can see inside the walls when the camera is outside them.
  • All screen shots are taken with a level of 64 x 64 size (smallest size possible). This allows you to see a relative scale of the model. Most are placed within the level area but some are much larger than the area.
  • Many of these images are not exactly to scale, the idea is to see what the image looks like rather than to see the exact size to scale.
  • Some model images such as ceilings and roofs will be taken from underneath looking into the sky.
  • Some model images look the same but are of different size.
  • Some models extend below the grounds surface when placed.
  • The models in this sheet are architectural and environmental. Models that are props, placeables, fx, body parts etc can all be viewed in other areas of the toolset.

Black Boxes


Cave Deep Road

Chantry Exterior

Chantry Interior

Dwarf Slum Exterior

Dwarf Slum Interior

Fereldan Castle

Fereldan Castle Exterior

Fereldan Castle Interior

Fereldan Dungeon Interior

Fereldan Human Exterior

Fereldan Human Interior

Fereldan Town Interior

Fereldan Village Exterior

"Hero" Sets

These tiles consist of models that were custom-made for certain situations in the main campaign.

Tevinter Castle Exterior

Tevinter Castle Interior

Tevinter Fade Interior

Tevinter Tower Interior

Tevinter Exterior

Tevinter Interior

Tevinter Road

Vista Objects

Main article: Vista objects

These objects are intended to be put far outside the walkable area of an exterior level to act as distant "horizon" objects.

Environmental Props

The following images are environmental props from the 'prp' subsection of 'models'. Props are models that can be placed in your levels to dress them up. They are not interactive (as in they cannot have inventory or be 'used' in any way.) If the module maker requires items to be placed in the module that can be interacted with they must use 'Placeables' rather than 'Props' The images below are by no means all of the props, just some of the large environmental ones. There is a large variety of props so you are encouraged to go through the whole list of prop models to enhance the look of your level. Also the images below are not to scale they are merely intended so that the module maker can quickly scan them to see if any of them catch his or her fancy.

Banners, Flags, Standards, Signs, Tapestry, Wall Hangings, Rugs, Carpets

The images below are all 'Props (prp)' which are found under the 'Models' in the palette window. The images are not to scale but are intended to show what the prop looks like. Props are not interactive and are used to dress up levels. If the module maker requires interactive items in their module level they must use 'placeables' rather than 'props'