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Many different file types are generated by the Dragon Age Toolset or are generated by third party applications for use with either the toolset or the game. These file types can be categorised as:

  • BioWare File Types, or
  • Third Party File Types

Files can be Art Resources, exported Designer Resources or external resources.

BioWare File Types

The following file types are in formats created by BioWare specifically for use with their tools and games:

.4PC Custom 16-bit RGBA texture format
.ANB Animation blend
.ANI Animation sequence: holds single animation sequence
.APL Artist Placeable file
.ARE Area information: holds designer data about an area
.ARL Area Layout file
.BIC Creature file
.BIF BIFF file
.BTC BioWare Template for Creatures
.BTD BioWare Template for Doors
.BTE BioWare Template for Encounters
.BTG BioWare Template for Random Item Generator
.BTM BioWare Template for Market/Merchants (Stores)
.BTP BioWare Template for Placeable Objects
.BTS BioWare Template for Sounds
.BTT BioWare Template for Triggers
.CCS Conditional Compiled Script
.CIF Campaign Information File
.CNS Client scripting source
.CSS Conditional Source Script
.CUB Cutscene blend tree
.CUT Cutscene
.DADBDATA Dragon Age Database Data file: used to deliver content to builders, created by the Builder to builder process
.DAS Dragon Age Save game file
.DAT Internal manifest data file
.DAZIP Dragon Age Zip file: used to deliver content to players, created by the by the Builder to player process
.DFT Default values file
.DLB Dialog blend tree
.DLG Dialog file
.DWK Door walkable mesh
.ERF Encapsulated Resource File: used for packaging resources
.EVT Animation event file
.FAC Faction file
.FFX Frame buffer effect
.FNT Font file
.FSM Finite State Machine file
.GAD GOB Animation Data
.GDA Game Data Array: compiled dimensional array data file
.GFF Generic File Format: used for almost all data, has become much faster for binary data storage, but has lost flexibility of earlier implementations.
.GIC Game Instance Comments
.GIT Game Instance file
.GUI Graphical User Interface file
.HAK HAK file
.IFO Module Info File
.INI Standard Windows options file
.ITP Item Template Palette
.ITX Internal texture
.JRL Journal file
.KEY Key file
.LDF Language definition file: Used by the scripting engines
.LST Area list
.LTR Letter combo probability info for name generation
.LVL Level art source file
.MAL Material Library file, stores a grouping of material object files
.MAO Material Object file, stores which textures are passed to a material
.MAT Material file, stores properties of a material
.MDL Aurora Model
.MET Meta information: extra information about the associated resource
.META Meta information: extra information about the associated resource
.MMH Model Mesh Hierarchy
.MOR Head Morph File (compiled)
.MRH Head Morph File (source)
.MSH Mesh file: Contains all vertex, polygon and normal data
.NCC Compiled Client Script
.NCS Compiled Server Script
.NCS Neverwinter Compiled Script
.NDB Server Script Debug Information
.NDB NWScript Debug Format Files
.NDC Client Script Debug Information
.NSC Client Side Script
.NSS Server Side Script
.NSS Neverwinter Source Script
.PHY Physics file, contains Novodex collision info
.PLO Plot Information File
.PLT Packed Layered Texture
.PTM Plot Manager file
.PTT Plot Template file
.PWK Pathfinding Walkable, Pathfinding data file
.PWK Placeable object walkable mesh
.RES Generic type
.RIM Resource In Memory file: used by engine at runtime for fast data retrieval in native memory format
.RML Room Layout File
.SAV Neverwinter save game file
.SSF Sound Set File
.STA Animation State File
.STG Cutscene Stage File
.SUB Graphics Submission
.TEX Aurora Texture
.TLK Dialog Tlk File
.TNT Tint file
.TOC Table of Contents: used to generate RIM files
.TXI Extra Texture Info
.UTC User Template for Creatures
.UTD User Template for Doors
.UTE User Template for Encounters
.UTG User Template for Random Item Generator
.UTI User Template for Items
.UTM User Template for Market/Merchants (Stores)
.UTP User Template for Placeable Objects
.UTS User Template for Sounds
.UTT User Template for Triggers
.UTW User Template for Waypoint
.WFX Wave extra info
.WOK Walk Mesh

Third-party file Types

The following file types are in formats created by third parties that may see some usage:

.AS Action Script: used by the ScaleForm GUI package
.BIK BINK movie files
.BMP Bitmap file
.CHM Windows Help File: used for toolset help, primarily scripting help
.CUR Windows Cursor File
.DDS Direct Draw Surface file: a DirectX graphics file format, it can be compressed, hold mipmaps and Alpha
.DLL Windows dynamic link library
.EXE Windows Executable
.FDP FMOD project file
.FEV FMOD file created by sound design tool
.FEV.SEQ FMOD file created by sound design tool
.FLA Flash file
.FSB FMOD Sound Bank file
.FSB.CACHE FMOD Sound Bank file
.FSB.SEQ FMOD Sound Bank file
.FXA FaceFX Actor file (eg. "Human.fxa") containing bone definitions. Created using a Max plug-in. Used by the game.
.FXR Metadata associated with FXA. Not used by the game.
.FXS Metadata associated with FXA. Not used by the game.
.FXE Facial animation file (eg. "46634_m.fxe"). Used by the game.
.FXM Metadata associated with the FXE for use in Studio (audio, phoneme info). Not used by the game.
.FXO Pre-Compiled Shader file, can include support for fallback rendering modes
.GFX Exported ScaleForm Movie: used for animated UI
.HLSL High Level Shader Language Source file
.INI Windows settings file
.JPG Image file: used mostly for thumbnails for models. Not used in game.
.JSFL ScaleForm file
.MP3 Sound file
.MPG MPG Video File
.SPT SpeedTree File
.SWF Flash File
.TGA Primary game source texture file
.TTF TrueType Font
.TXT Text file: primarily used for voice over
.WAV Wave File, generic windows sound file
.XDS Compressed DirectX images file format
.XLS Excel file