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The character resource type is not used directly by the game code. It is included to help with localization and voice-over coordination, which is more useful for large-scale projects like Dragon Age's main campaign and perhaps less important for smaller end-user modules with fewer contributors and characters to keep track of.

Since the properties of this object are not used by game code, they're for the most part free-form and require no specific documentation. There are two exceptions:

  • The FXA Name Override property determines which FaceFX base appearance is used when editing an associated creature's facial performance in FaceFX Studio. If a creature doesn't have an FXA Name Override (either because it lacks a character resource associated with it or because the character resource has nothing in this property) a default face will be used instead.
  • The Soundset property points to a conversation file that contains a set of ambient lines that the game will trigger under various conditions such as combat. Soundsets can be specific to an individual creature (such as an important follower or distinctive foe), or you can reuse a soundset for multiple different characters if a more generic sound is appropriate. By convention the name of a soundset resource begins with an "ss_" prefix.


Resource Name A unique string identifier the toolset and the game both use to refer to this resource
All Characters
Age How old the character is
Character Type Major, Medium, or Minor. Make sure to fill out the extra fields for Major and Medium characters.
Cultural Background Where did the character grow up? What cultural influences have affected his or her personality?
Description Character's personality, character-shaping history, sense of humor type, etc. Not a physical description.
FXA Name Override What FXA should be used for this character?
Male, Female, or Neutral
Image Upload an image file
Language What language does this character speak?
Name The character's name
Phonetic Pronunciation How the name is pronounced.
Plots What plots the character appears in.
Purpose Purpose within game structure; eg., "Plot Giver - Plot X" or "Romantic Female Lead"
Race/Species What race is the character?
Speech Patterns Descriptors such as fast, slow, breathless, deliberate, drawling, stumbling, etc.
VO Casting Color
VO Casting Notes
Combat Soundset Needed Does the character engage in combat at all in the game? If so, choose Yes.
Last Modified By
Last Modified On
Role What VO-defined role is this character assigned to?
Soundset The soundset this character will use. By convention, a conversation file with a "ss_" prefix.
Soundset is owned by another Character Set this to true when you are referring to a soundset that is set up to record by another character. Only one character per soundset can have this set to false.
VO Recorded Is the VO for this character recorded?
Demeanor What is the character like, in general (easy-going, tense, caring mother-figure, etc.)?
Flaws What major flaws does the character have (obsession, paranoia, too awesome, etc.)?
Morals Describe the character's moral code in brief (refuses to kill, can't ignore a personal slight, will do anything for power, etc.)
Personal Background A brief description of the character's personal history. What made him or her who he or she is today?
Special Skills Any special skills that help to define the character (stealth for a rogue, mastery of a particular fighting style, etc.)
Accent If the character speaks with a particular accent, list it here.
Appearance Physical description, mannerisms, etc.
Archetype Quick descriptor; "Flirtatious barmaid"; "Heroic paladin"
Intelligence How intelligent is the character? Average, Low, High, Very High, etc.
Occupation What does the character do for a living?
Relationship To Player How is the character tied to the player? Family, childhood friend, mentor, etc.
Ties To Other Characters Major relationship with other characters; "Character A's Father" or "Character B's Daughter"