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Client Scripts are used to automate client behavior and are intended primarily for debugging use.

The virtual machine that runs client scripts is not included with the ship build of the game, so this resource is likely to be of no practical use.

Client Scripting Wait Commands

The client scripting language supports 2 built in commands for pausing a script:

  • void WaitFor(float fTime) - Pauses the script for fTime seconds
  • void WaitUntil(int bCondition) - Pauses the script until bCondition == true

A script that is paused on a WaitUntil command will timeout after a default of 30 seconds. This time-out can be modified using the void SetWaitTimeout(float fTime) command.

void main()
    LoadModule( "Sniff Test" );
    WaitUntil( IsModuleLoaded() );
    PerformUseObject( oPlayer, oDoor );
    if (GetDistanceBetweenObjects(oPlayer, oDoor) < 4.0f)
        PrintToScreen("Player moved to door");