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|version       =
|name          = _AI_Condition_GetCreatureWithAIStatus
|brief         = Returns a creature with a specifc AI Status
|param1type    = int
|param2arra    = 
|param1name    = nAIStatus
|param1desc    = the status being checked for if active on a creature
|param1default =
|param2type    = int
|param2arra    = 
|param2name    = nTargetType
|param2desc    = the target type of creature we are looking for that might have the specified status
|param2default =
|returntype    = object
|returnarra    = 
|returndesc    = A creature of a specific type (self, ally, hostile) that has the status applied, OBJECT_INVALID otherwise
|sourcefile    = ai_conditions_h
|sourcemodule  = Core Game Resources
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The return and parameter fields also have corresponding "arra" fields, for example param1arra. When any value, normally "true", is placed in these fields the corresponding return type or parameter type will be made into an array. This is required because the [] notation of arrays conflicts with the wiki's link notation.

A standard function page will have a number of other headers below this template where more detailed and free-form information will be added by editors. The recommended headers and their purpose are:

  • Description: a more verbose description of the function
  • Remarks: hints and tips on usage; caveats or known issues; workarounds or unusal uses; etc.
  • Examples: dascript snippets demonstrating how to use the functions
  • See also: links to related articles or categories

Others sections can be added when and where needed.