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Build 773

Bugs fixed:

  • Client Script Editor - Error when attempting to Compile.
  • Animation Composer Tool Testing - RPU failing in local post
  • Map Editor - Trail is not appearing on the map as expected
  • Female Head Morphs - Feature Selection - Head Shapes Affecting Female Heads Incorrectly
  • Script Editor - Please allow the right margin indicator's position to be user-definable (BR)
  • Builder To Builder - New resaources should maintain the folder structure
  • Default camera postion in Face FX Studio needs to be fixed
  • Builder to Builder: Error when importing some scripts
  • Quanari Female Head morph removed

Build 648

Resolved issues

Internally discovered:

  • Corrected the tab numbering on the head morph object inspector window.
  • In FaceFX Studio, changing emotion ini files in FaceFX (via Tools > Load Robobrad config) caused a file copy failure error
  • Attempt to invoke RPU failed when creating placeholder voiceover.
  • Added ability to keep \modules and \packages\core\override to the uninstaller.
  • Added the ability to remember the user's password.
  • Core resources in any add-ins folder should be treated as part of core and should be available in the Designer Toolset. e.g. layout files for the area editor.
  • Installer edits the FaceFX config file correctly
  • FaceFX post to local error fixed

User Reported:

  • Web Reports removed from the menu.
  • In the cutscene editor Speak Line track, "edit FaceFX" attempted to load a file from Perforce.
  • During full export, multiple "Could not load the ItemProps 2DA" errors.
  • FaceFX does not start from conversation editor.
  • Including "configure toolset" in the installed build for the end user toolset.
  • Convert line to Cutscene not working
  • The ERF and GFF editors are now fully delivered

Database version increased from 168 to 170.