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Module topics

The "manage modules" command is used to switch between modules, to create a module, and to edit an existing module's properties.

Select "Manage Modules"
Then click the "New" button to create a new module.

Module Setup

Module properties.png

How the Module is set up, is an important factor how the game reacts to it. The Module's entry point into the game is made concrete with the Module properties.

A Module typically needs a starting condition, usually what will trigger new resources to appear in game. This can be a Script tied to the module which puts the player in a starting Area, or by integrating one like a Sword into existing resources like a Vendor, with which the condition for the existing Vendor is already set.

Standalone Module

  1. Select the module in the Manage Modules list
  2. Click on the "Properties" button
  3. Script will determine which script to run when the Module runs. This should either be module_core or a custom Script.
  4. Starting Area and Waypoint will determine where the player start out. This can be any Area you created.

The Script will be run ,and determine any further actions once running the game. This will require to start a new campaign, and starts at the Area given.

Non standalone Module

  1. Select the module in the Manage Modules list
  2. Click on the "Properties" button
  3. Script should be replaced with a blank script.
  4. Starting Area and Waypoint should be left blank
  5. Extended Module should be set to the Module which is being extended.

No starting condition is set by default, and it is up to the Designer to create something which influences the extended module. Like editting an existing Resource, which overwrites original Content and should be avoided. The most sophisticated method to call a condition is using PRCSCR Scripts, with which no content needs to be overwritten. This Script can then spawn Resources, new waypoints on the Map, and anything a Script is capable of. This is also what Bioware uses in their DLC.

  • Note that as of toolset version 1.01 and game version 1.02b, you should NOT use "module_core" as the script (as found in module properties) for an add-in that extends an existing module, otherwise you will encounter issues that may include slow-downs during conversations and attribute allocation. The exact cause of these issues is not yet known, but using a blank script with an empty main function will eliminate these issues.
  • For a detailed explanation of all the properties you will see here, See Module.

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