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General Tips for Companion Mods

1. Permanent companions should have many dialogue options available. If you do not intend to write extensive dialogue for your companion, please consider making him/her a temporary companion instead.

2. ALWAYS include a way for the player to fire the companion.

3. ALWAYS include an approval bar. Romance is not necessary, but approval is.

4. Your mod should be lore-friendly. Do some research beforehand.

5. Companions should have a unique personality, head morph, and history.

6. Try to make the companion's race, gender, specialization, and skill set different than those of the currently available companions. (Obviously if you plan to use characters already existing in the game, this may be difficult, but for new companions, this is a must.)

7. Dialogue (including that for your companion) should have multiple lines available for the player to choose from. Generally the pathways are good/nice, evil/greedy, and neutral. The different pathways should have different effects on approval, depending on the personality and motivation of the companion.

8. Design your mod with compatibility in mind! (See below)

Making Your Companion Mod Compatible

Basic Tips

1. Incorporate the changes other mods make to the common core resources into your mod.

2. Minimize the number of core resources you have to overwrite.

3. Use the same naming scheme as Bioware, except add a unique prefix or suffix.

4. Make sure your char_stage and partypicker 2das include the companion tags listed below.

5. Make sure that the common core dialogues (listed below) contain the additional lines for the other companion mods (also listed below).

6. Do not place your companion in any of the occupied locations listed below.

7. Add your information to this page!

Common Core Resources

Most companion mods must overwrite or overlay certain core files. A list of these commonly altered files is below:

- cutscene_slideshow.dlg (Ser Gilmore, Karma's Companions, ... add lines to these dialogues)

- party_events.dlg (Ser Gilmore, Karma's Companions, ... add lines to these dialogues)

- cir300_sloth_demon.dlg

- urn230_guardian.dlg

- char_stage.are (or xxx_char_stage.are)

The partypicker.gda's are not overwritten but extended. - partypicker.gda (or partypicker_xxx.gda) [included only so that stature and animations can be altered]

- party_picker.gda (or party_picker_xxx.gda) [included only so that stature and animations can be altered]

- there are others that are less commonly overwritten!

At some point, the Custom class and Companion Core Group will upload a Builder-to-Builder package containing the up-to-date Common Core Resources listed above. If you alter any of these files, please send them a Builder-to-Builder package of any core resources you alter so that they can update the package.

Companion Compatibility Core Package

The latest version of the Companion Compatibility Core refines the approach pioneered by Noob766 to provides a 2DA driven dialogue loading system which enables NPC Companion modders to extend two frequently modded conversations (party_events.dlg and cutscene_slideshow.dlg) without the need for constant edits and/or successive overwrites.

The Core also includes several fixes and tweaks to the former dialogue by ejoslin and TerraEx which were implemented by DLAN_Immortality and Sunjammer.

Companion Names, Races, & Tags

Karma's Companions:
Name Race Tag
Cullen Human kc_cir230cr_cullen
Jowan Human kc_arl210cr_jowan
Gorim Dwarf kc_bdn120cr_gorim
Ser Gilmore Human kc_bhn100cr_gilmore
Tamlen Elf kc_bed100cr_tamlen
Tamlen Elf/Shriek kc_cam110cr_tamlen
Soris Elf kc_bec100cr_soris
Leske Dwarf kc_bdc200cr_leske
Ser Gilmore recruitable NPC
Name Race Tag
Ser Roland Gilmore Human ser_gilmore_lbc
Lady Desire's Tevinter Wardens
Name Race Tag
Lealion Human gen00fl_lealion
Legion Dog gen00fl_legion
Lanna Human gen00fl_lanna
Marric Elf gen00fl_marric
Martin Human gen00fl_martin
Willam Human gen00fl_willam
Name Race Tag
Saarebas Qunari gen00fl_saarebas
Return to Korcari Wilds
Name Race Tag
Douglas Human party_douglas
Ser Kenneth Human party_serken
The Bloodworks
Name Race Tag
Chris Human chrischar
Lucius Human luciuschar
Dark Times: The Confederacy of Malkuth
Name Race Tag
Lethe Humanoid dt_fol_lethe_demon
Lethe Human dt_fol_lethe_human
Thazulok Elf dt_fol_thazulok
Myrdo Human dt_fol_myrdo
Fetch Dwarf dt_fol_fetch
Marukhan Werewolf dt_fol_marukhan
Dragon Dragonling dt_fol_dragon_i
Valeria Addon
Name Race Tag
Valeria Human valeria_npc
Sanguine Sunrise
Name Race Tag
Maethan Elf gen00fl_maethan
Rioghan Human gen00fl_rioghan
Siofra Dwarf gen00fl_siofra
Gawain Human gen00fl_gawain
Gina and Sisters
Name Race Tag
Gina Human wdg_gina
Tory Elf dtn_tory
Britney Dwarf tdn_britney
In Search of Raina'
Name Race Tag
Terra' Human terra
MerAnnes Dwarf Companions:
Name Race Tag
Silfranar Dwarf merd_dwarf1
Jasmine Dwarf merd_dwarf2
Lady Danika Dwarf merd_dwarf3
Hilda Dwarf merd_dwarf4
Petras Dwarf merd_dwarf5

Occupied Locations

Party Camp

Karma's Companions:

Cullen's position: 138.564f, 111.815f, -1.08586f
Jowan's position: 174.687f, 147.589f, -1.33659f
Gorim's position: 135.159f, 123.599f, -0.20766f
Gilmore's position: 125.402f, 116.783f, -0.924384f
Tamlen's position: 171.71f, 150.038f, -1.02744f
Soris' position: 138.381f, 119.108f, -0.17616f
Leske's position: 144.049f, 146.718f, -0.97327f

Karma's Bloodworks Compatibility Plugin:

Lucius' and Chris' position: 167.154f, 139.113f, -1.54743f


Saarebas's position: 135.252625, 118.686562, -0.274021

Return to Korcari Wilds:

Douglas' position: 134.41, 113.905, -0.552629
Ser Kenneth's position: 137.62, 133.833, 0.629564

Lady Desire's Lealion the Mage:

Lealion's position: 135.252625f, 113.905f, -0.274021f
Legion's position: 135.252625f, 113.905f, -0.274021f
(Please note that they stand next to each other, sharing a common reference point.)

Gina and Sisters:

Gina's position: 155.061f, 150.714f, -1.85217f
Tory's position: 140.564f, 111.815f, -1.08586f
Britney's position: 160.061f, 155.714f, -1.85217f

'In Search of Raina :

Terra's position: 137.564f, 115.815f, -1.08586f

MerAnne's Dwarves:

Silfranar: 162.22f, 159.05f, -0.26f
Jasmine: 161.38f, 156.47f, -0.28f
Lady Danika: 163.27f, 155.25f, -0.10f
Hilda: 164.97f, 158.91f, 0.21f
Petras: 164.76f, 156.25f, 0.19f

Denerim Castle

Karma's Companions:

Cullen's position: 138.564f, 111.815f, -1.08586f
Jowan's position: 174.687f, 147.589f, -1.33659f
Gorim's position: 144.049f, 146.718f, -0.97327f
Gilmore's position: 125.402f, 116.783f, -0.924384f
Tamlen's position: 33.8068f, 20.4451f, 0.804601f
Soris' position: 77.679f, 11.5635f, 5.02284f
Leske's position: 83.8656f, 31.9483f, 5.00912f

MerAnne's Dwarves:

Silfranar: 20.91f, -13.21f, 0.02f
Jasmine: 21.87f, -11.19f, 0.02f
Lady Danika: 23.96f, -3.78f, 0.02f
Hilda: 22.68f, -12.88f, 0.02f
Petras: 20.17f, -12.24f, 0.02f

Redcliffe Castle

Karma's Companions:

Cullen's position: 9.62579f, -17.3753f, 0.022839f
Jowan's position: 7.59896f, -5.17459f, 0.022839f
Gorim's position: 26.3124f, -8.75641f, 0.022839f
Gilmore's position: 20.797f, -14.1758f, 0.022839f
Tamlen's position: 36.626f, -9.17714f, 0.022839f
Soris' position: 34.8394f, -17.4045f, 0.022839f
Leske's position: 34.2706f, -7.74061f, 0.022839f

MerAnne's Dwarves:

Silfranar: 32.59f, -4.79f, 0.02f
Jasmine: 21.84f, -11.19f, 0.02f
Lady Danika: 31.21f, -4.42f, 0.02f
Hilda: 29.07f, -5.28f, 0.02f
Petras: 27.81f, -5.98f, 0.02f


Karma's Companions:

Cullen's position: 15.0103f, 4.66715f, 0.022839f
Jowan's position: -1.93367f, -3.92452f, 0.022839f
Gorim's position: 12.3308f, -5.61697f, 0.022839f
Gilmore's position: 16.5714f, -4.42749f, 0.022839f
Tamlen's position:
Soris' position:
Leske's position:

MerAnne's Dwarves:

Silfranar: 47.74f, -7.81f, 0.02f
Jasmine: 45.32f, -5.31f, 0.02f
Lady Danika: 49.06f, -5.00f, 0.02f
Hilda: 48.69f, -6.82f, 0.02f
Petras: 45.48f, -7.02f, 0.02f

Gauntlet Doppelgangers

Karma's Companions:

Cullen's position: 15.0103f, 4.66715f, 0.022839f
Jowan's position: -1.93367f, -3.92452f, 0.022839f
Gorim's position: 12.3308f, -5.61697f, 0.022839f
Gilmore's position: 16.5714f, -4.42749f, 0.022839f
Tamlen's position: 81.9272f, 1.60791f, 0.011455f
Soris' position: 78.4324f, 0.0464842f, 0.011455f
Leske's position: 78.4908f, -3.069f, 0.000986939f

MerAnne's Dwarves:

Silfranar: 76.50f, 2.5f, 0.02f
Jasmine: 76.62f, -8.38f, 0.02f
Lady Danika: 76.57f, -5.92f, 0.02f
Hilda: 76.82f, 0.10f, 0.02f
Petras: 79.37f, -0.50f, 0.02f