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This page gives an overview of how information on the wiki is organized, and has discussion about how it should be organized.

Main page

The Main Page of the wiki is intended as a high-level jumping-off point for new editors, leading them to one of several "portal" pages that are focused on more specific types of work that a builder might be interested in doing. These portals contain some overlap with each other.


Page categorization largely descends from the Category:Resources root. Pages are currently categorized largely by the type of thing that the page is about, though some task-specific categories exist (for example Category:Character generation).

Other root categories can be found via the Special:UncategorizedCategories list.


A number of navigational templates can be found via Category:Navigational templates. Most consist of a box intended for the upper right corner of a page that contains a list of links to related pages.

There's a "master index" template at Template:resource palette that uses the collapsible table class to provide a quick way around all the major resource types, and most major resource types have their own individual navigation templates that are put under the master index on pages.

Script function pages

Each function exposed by the engine has its own page. These pages were initially auto-generated by a script from the doxygen comments in script.ldf, but can be expanded with examples and other commentary as needed.

The issue of how to track example code so that it doesn't get "lost" in the documentation is currently an open question.