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The toolset comes with a simple little "demo" module pre-loaded into its database. This module isn't a great work of literature but is instead intended to show off a few of the basic features that most real adventures are going to have in them. It includes a simple introductory cutscene, some dialogue, plots and quests, triggers, combat, interactive placeables and a script-triggered visual effect.

To export and play it, follow the following steps.

  • Switch to the "Demo" module via Files -> Manage Modules
  • The resources for the adventure are all contained in the "Demo" folder of the Resource palette.
  • If you want to have voice over and face FX, you'll need to generate these for the module's conversations. This is optional, but the NPCs will just stare silently at the player during conversations if you don't.
    • Select the conversations view in the palette window (IconConversation.png). There are four conversations in two subdirectories; demo100cr_barkeep, demo200ar_confrontation, demo200cr_bandit, and demo200cr_patrons. Double-click on each of them to open them up (you don't need to check them out).
    • For each of them in turn go to the "Tools" menu to first select "Generate VO" (see here for a screenshot) and then once that's finished select "Generate FaceFX" (see here for a screenshot). Make sure the conversation's root is selected in each case, this will cause the toolset to generate VO and FaceFX for all of the lines.
  • Switch the palette view to IconAll.png. Right-click on the "Demo" directory and, under the "Export" submenu, select "export without dependent resources" (since all of the adventure's resources are stored in the Demo directory you shouldn't need to export with dependencies in order to get everything).

When you start up the game there should now be a "Demo" entry under the "Other Campaigns" menu option.