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The following commands can be used to backup and restore your database, assuming you're using the default database name (bw_dragonage_content):

Restoring the Database if it failed after Installation

If you installed the Toolset, and receive an Error message "Unable to connect to Database", and have never made a Backup, this Solution helps. Although it is a batch file, and requires the users maintenance.

Note: Be aware that it will overwrite the old Database if it existed. Doesnt apply if you never used the Toolset before.

1. Create a file called "MyRestore.bat" anywhere in your system and edit it with a program like "Notepad"

2. Copy and paste the complete following lines into it:

SET SOURCE=C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\tools\dbbak
SET TARGET=C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\tools\toolssql\Data
@Echo off
if not exist "%SOURCE%\bw_dragonage_content.bak" goto Sourcemiss
if not exist "%TARGET%" goto Targetmiss
if not exist "%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn\" goto SQLmiss64
SET varprogs=%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%
goto apply
if not exist "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn\" goto SQLmiss32
SET varprogs=%ProgramFiles%
goto apply
Echo Running SQLcmd...
"%varprogs%\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn\"sqlcmd -S .\BWDATOOLSET -E -Q "RESTORE DATABASE bw_dragonage_content FROM DISK = '%SOURCE%\bw_dragonage_content.bak' WITH MOVE 'bw_dragonage_content' TO '%TARGET%\bw_dragonage_content.mdf', MOVE 'bw_dragonage_content_log' TO '%TARGET%\bw_dragonage_content.ldf'"
goto End
Echo SOURCE not found. (bw_dragonage_content.bak) Please check.
Echo Edit this File with Notepad and reapply correct location.
goto End
Echo TARGET directory does not exist and will be created: %Target%
mkdir "%TARGET%"
if not exist "%TARGET%" goto Stillmiss
goto returnme
Echo TARGET Directory creation failed. Please check.
goto End
Echo SQL is missing. Please check location (Windows 32bit): %PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn\
Echo SQL is missing. Please check location (Windows 64bit): %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn\
Echo Edit this file with Notepad and apply correct location.
goto end

3. Change SET SOURCE and SET TARGET to the path of your Dragon Age installation folder as appropriate. Look it up if you dont know. The above example is default for english WindowsXP 32bit.

3.1 Common other default paths are C:\Program Files(x86)\Dragon Age\... for 64Bit Windows XP /Vista
3.2 C:\Programme\Dragon Age\... for 32bit Windows XP/Vista (german)
3.3 Archivos de Programa(x86)\Dragon Age\... for 64bit Windows XP/Vista (spanish)

4. Save and run the new "MyRestore.bat" file by doubleclicking. Make sure you are logged in as "Administrator".

5. Once finished with a short success message ,you can start the Toolset.

6. If an load of Errors occur, see Error Handling below. (The error might be somewhat hidden, but look for the first occurance first.)

Error Handling

Note: Be sure to try again with Administator rights. Especially on Vista and Windows 7. When you have ran the batch file above, note the first error which occured. Heres a list:

1. Among other messages, you get: "MSG 5133, Level 16, State1, Server ****\BWDATOOLSET, Line1" (Error, system cant find that file...)

1.1 The path to TARGET was incorrect and cant bee found. The SQL doesnt create paths on its own. Although the BAT file above will do and tell you anyway. Just in case.

2. Among other messages, you get: "Msg 3634, Level 16, State 1..." "The operating system returned the error (Access denied) while attempting..":

2.1. SQL being picky about write access here. Workaround: Change the second line into SET TARGET=C:\DB , and rerun it. You may experiment with this.

3. Among other messages, you get: "Msg 262, Level 14, State 1, Server ****\BWDATOOLSET, Line 1"

3.1 Vista Problem. (Might apply to Windows 7 too, but it was not released in 2005) Please confirm.
3.2 Log in to Windows Vista using your administrative account
3.3 Open SQL Server Surface Area Configuration Application ( Start --> All Programs --> Microsoft SQL Server 2005 --> Configuration Tools -->SQL Server Surface Area Configuration)
3.4 Click on Add New Administrator
3.5 Select the Member of BWDATOOLSET, and click on the Add button to move it to the right. Then click OK, and run the bat file above again.
3.6 Source Link:

4. Amonst other messages, you get: "HResult 0x2, Level16, State 1" Named Pipes Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL Server [2].

4.1 Link:

Search: Put the name of the error number into a searchengine. Errors seems to be very common here, and likely can be found.

Reinstall: If you customized the installation, you may want to reinstall the Toolset and try again. There can be errors if entering something out of the norm.

Using the Backup and Restore batch files

Note: You may only use the following ,if you have no database problem. This section is meant to do backups from a working system!

A pair of batch files have been included with the toolset install to ease the process of making backups. They can be found at:

C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\tools\DatabaseUtilities\Backup_Restore

Both the "Backup" and "Restore" scripts are controlled by settings stored in the config.ini file. If you're using the default database location the only settings you'll need to change are the filenames that backups will be stored to or read from.

Use caution when restoring your database, as this will overwrite everything in your existing database.

Also note that SQL Server is very picky about directory access permissions, and may not be able to write to the directory of your choosing. Check to make sure that your backup file was actually created after doing a backup. A common way of ensuring that SQL Server will be able to write to the backup directory is to create the backup directory directly off of the root of your drive, such as C:\Backups\.


sqlcmd -S .\BWDATOOLSET -E -Q "BACKUP DATABASE <Database Name> TO DISK = '<Backup Directory><Backup Filename>'"


<Database Name> is the name of your database, typically bw_dragonage_content
<Backup Directory> is the name of the directory where you want to save the backup file (directory must exist, this process will not create it)
<Backup Filename> is what you are naming the backup file

an example:

sqlcmd -S .\BWDATOOLSET -E -Q "BACKUP DATABASE bw_dragonage_content TO DISK = 'C:\Backup\bw_dragonage_content.bak'"


sqlcmd -S .\BWDATOOLSET -E -Q "RESTORE DATABASE <Database Name> FROM DISK = '<Backup Directory><Backup Filename>' WITH REPLACE"


<Database Name> is the name of your database, typically bw_dragonage_content
<Backup Directory> is the name of the directory where the backup file resides
<Backup Filename> is the name of backup file you wish to restore

an example:

sqlcmd -S .\BWDATOOLSET -E -Q "RESTORE DATABASE bw_dragonage_content FROM DISK = 'C:\Backup\bw_dragonage_content.bak' WITH REPLACE"

If you're restoring to a data store that's in a location other than the store you made the backup from (for example if you're moving your data from one computer to another and the toolset is installed in a different location on the destination machine) you can add the following to the restore command to restore to the new location. If you're restoring to the same place you made the backup from you can omit this.

WITH MOVE 'bw_da_content_euts_Data' TO 'C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\toolssql\Data\bw_dragonage_content.mdf', MOVE 'bw_da_content_euts_Log' TO 'C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\toolssql\Data\bw_dragonage_content.ldf'

Troubles with sqlcmd

You may experience a strange occurrence where sqlcmd is not recognized as a dos command. You can try to download Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Command Line Query Utility at (scroll down a bit)

Reboot your computer and try it again, it should work.

Quick Backup & Restore

Before doing this tutorial I am going to assume you installed the toolset and sql server at the default settings.


1. create a folder called "Backups" in your C Drive.

2. navigate to the folder and make note of the files there.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Dragon Age\tools\DatabaseUtilities\Backup_Restore

3. go to start --> programs --> accessories --> and "right click" on "command prompt" then choose "Run as administrator"

4. A new window will come up and you'll notice in the top left it will say administrator and you should be at the windows\system32 directory

5. change directory to the backup_restore folder above.

6. run the backup.bat file and then type Backup to confirm .... This will backup your entire DA database to the backups folder. The file was around 783mb for me.

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