Bug: Ambient movement erratic when a new path is specified

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  • Toolset verion: 1.0.1008.0
  • Game version: 1.04
  • Status: Open


The Ambient_Start function allows the waypoint path AMBIENT_MOVE_PREFIX to be specified.

However, if it is used to specify a new path for a creature, the new waypoints may be visited in the wrong order.

Specifically, if the creature last moved to old path waypoint N, it will visit new path waypoint N (if it exists) before new path waypoint 1.

This has been verified in AMBIENT_MOVE_ONCE mode, but probably affects most movement patterns.

Ambient_StartTeam() and Ambient_StartTag() depend on Ambient_Start, so they have the same bug.


Add the following initialistions before calling Ambient_Start:

SetLocalInt(oCreature, AMBIENT_MOVE_STATE,  AMBIENT_MOVE_NEXT);              
Ambient_Start(oCreature, ...

where oCreature is the creature object in question.