Adding a custom model to the toolset tutorial

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This tutorial describes how to add a custom model to your Toolset. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the Toolset.

Needed Files

Download tazpn's Command Line Tools [1]

or alternatively use

Allstar's GUI interface for Tazpn's Command Line Tools [2]

Convert your model to DA:O compatible files

It is assumed that the model is finished and textured.

Export your model as a *.fbx file.

Use tapzn`s Tool to convert the *.fbx file to a *.mmh.xml file (fbxcmd convert name.fbx name.mmh.xml). You will get 3 files out of this:

• *.mmh.xml

• *.msh.xml

• *.mao

Since the *.mao file is not well named in some cases, you have to manually rename it. If you do this, don't forget to change the reference in the *.mmh.xml file!

Create *.mmh

Just drag and drop your *.mmh.xml on the "\Dragon Age\tools\ResourceBuild\Processors\MMH\GraphicsProcessorMMH.exe"

Create *.msh

Copy the *.msh.xml file to "\Dragon Age\tools\ResourceBuild\Processors\MSH" Then do "GraphicsProcessorMSH -platform pc mmdtogff (filename).msh.xml" using your Shell / cmd

Adding it to your Toolset

Copy all the files (*.msh, *.mmh, *.phy, *.dds, *.mao) to "\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\". Optionally you can pack it into an *.erf file. The builder to player packaging process can package up these files into an erf for you in the process of creating a dazip installable file.

Using it in the Toolkit

To use it in the toolkit you have to specify which item variation your item is. Edit the fitting *.gda in the 2da.erf to do so. See ItemVariations.xls.

If you did nothing wrong up till now, you should be able to use it in the Toolset by now.