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It would be useful to add something on Object Currency, maybe along these lines:

Objects which are not in the current area list are not accessible by tag-based searches.

So, plot flags are generally used to store information about areas and their objects which might be referenced when the player is elsewhere. As long as you don't add a journal entry, no journal is given to the player when the plot flag is set. For situations that require more than binary values, local variables can be set on the player or the module.

If the story calls for a creature to travel between area lists, the general approach is to place different instances of the same creature in all areas that will use it, setting them inactive or active as necessary. -- User:Proleric1

I wasn't exactly sure where to stick it into this page, and I want to have pages for each of the data types anyway, so I put it over on object. I expect that as this page grows it's going to need to be broken up into a bunch of more focused pages anyway. Meantime, feel free to make edits like this yourself - it's the point of a wiki, and now that we're on MediaWiki mistakes are much easier to repair so there should be less hesitation to jump in and add something. :) BryanDerksen 22:06, 19 July 2009 (UTC)

Resources section needs to be rewritten/expanded

The resources section on this page makes very little sense if any. It talks about cutscenes not resources and the include file it mentions does not even appear in the sample entirely different one is shown there. The sample code simply introduces a new datatype which should have been covered earlier on the page along with all the other types. There is no statement describing the purpose of resources or the resource datatype. One could argue that the sample code does not really show anything about how to use a resource in a script, or why one would want or need to use one. Axe Murderer 10-24-09 13:17 PST.