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  • The toolbars above the editor window are poorly/inefficiently arranged. This is especially noticeable in the cutscene editor, which has many toolbars with only a few buttons on each. Toolbars can be rearranged by dragging them by the thin vertical grey bar on the far left edge.
  • To use a face morph you've created with the morph editor in a module, you'll need to "export to local" (ie, the local database) rather than simply saving the morph as a file.
  • Can't find how to move around in the area? Hold down the CTRL key and drag the area with your left mouse button.
  • To rotate an object placed in an area, hold down the right mouse button and the CTRL key, then move the mouse.
  • See 3D control for a more complete table of movement controls and the alternative configurations they can be set to.
  • To delete or rename resource templates, they must be "checked in". See Resource palette for a more complete description of this new state. To delete a resource, the object and any / all dependent objects must be "checked in". So, for example, deleting the creature instances from an area does NOT remove the dependency - you have to check in both the creature and the area to be able to delete the creature template.
  • In certain editable tables (for example the table holding Animations added to a conversation line), right-click menus are context sensitive with different actions accessible based on whether you are "inside" or "outside" the active column. To delete a row for example, right-click directly on the row to delete to bring up that option. The other option is move your cursor to a different column of the highlighted row.

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