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This article contains links to the BioWare Social Network (BSN), which is now closed.

These links should be replaced with working links where possible, and tutorials edited to remove reliance on BSN.

List 3rd party extensions and applications here!

Third party applications


  • Tazpn's command line tools - This packages includes an command line application for converting Dragon Age models from the native format to something that can be manipulated or used a reference for non-derivative works.
  • GUI for tazpn's Command Line Tools - This is an easy-to-use program to convert Dragon Age Models utilizing tazpn's Command Line Tools & the Dragon Age Toolset Command Line Tools.
  • DATool: DA model manipulator - This is a tool for viewing, retexturing and resizing DA models. DATool allows you to easily browse the available DA models and make certain modifications to them.
  • DA:O Toolset Model Exporter - 3DS max and GMax. Can export static and animatable models. Also Collision,Materials,Animation. Current Version: 1.5.0
  • Blender Import-Export Script - A set of tools to import-export meshes and extract resources from erf or rim files, all working into Blender.
  • LightWave import-export plugin - a plugin for NewTek LightWave 3D. Currently allows to import .msh files into LightWave and export 3d data from Modeler module to .msh.xml format.
  • Lightmap Post Processor - Remove black artifacts from lightmaps.
  • GMax/3DSMax DA:O Model and Animation Import Export - Importing and Exporting of Models and Animation. Model Creation Tools. Supports the free GMax as well as 3dsmax4 to 2011. Latest Version5.30 (08/23/2010)


Game data

  • GDApp - GDApp is a simple editor that natively creates or modifies Dragon Age: Origins GD2A spreadsheet files (*.gda), without the need of Excel files.