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Cutscene topics
Visual effect topics

Visual effects are created and edited using an art tool, the VFX editor. A large library of existing visual effects is included with the game, however, and will hopefully be sufficient for most needs.

VFX names in the BioWare library start with one of these prefixes:

  • VFX - general visual effects
  • FXA - abilities
  • FXE - environmental
  • FXC - character
  • FXP - placeable
  • FXM - animator cutscene vfx
  • SR - GUI/selection

VFX names end with one of these suffixes:

  • _p - placeable, can be placed anywhere in the scene.
  • _c - crust, should be attached to a model.

Most VFX are made up of 3 separate stages: impact, duration, and cessation. These are indicated using a ".impa", ".dura" or ".cess" extension in the animation name on the timeline. VFX animations can be chopped and looped if needed. The speed at which a VFX plays is a part of the VFX's definition and requires the VFX editor to modify.

If not attached to the subject some '_c' animations will emanate from the ground where placed.

You can download the project source files for the visual effects in the main campaign from here: [1]

Animation Name Description of Animation ID
fx_rally_c No visible effect
fxa_agility_imp_c Sparkly fire spell effect on subject
fxa_ani_ded_c No visible effect
fxa_antim_crust_c Wild glowing blue/green ball of distortion
fxa_antim_imp_c Huge glowing blue/green wave of distortion
fxa_arm_glow_c fiery glow emanates from ground around subject
fxa_aura_c No visible effect
fxa_auramight_c Small glowing circles ripple upwards (can't attach to subject)
fxa_b_song_c Distortion and yellow/orange sparks emanate from head
fxa_berserk_c Distortion red/orange sparks emanate from subject
fxa_bld_bf_c Bloody spatter emanates from back
fxa_bld_con_c No visible effect
fxa_bld_cone_c No visible effect
fxa_bld_conj_c Blood red smoke and orange sparks swirl around subject
fxa_bld_imp_c Blood spatter and orange glow emanate from subject
fxa_bld_mac_c Blood red and orange glow emanate from chest
fxa_blizzard_area_c No visible effect
fxa_blood_db_a_c Blood spatter emanating from near right hand
fxa_blood_db_d_c Small blood spatter emanates from stomach area
fxa_blood_dc_c Blood spatter emanates from head
fxa_blood_spraydb_c Blood spray in all directions (can't attach to subject)
fxa_blood_spraydc_c Blood spray to the right (can't attach to subject)
fxa_bloodmid_c Blood spatter emanates from the chest
fxa_bloodslice_c Blood spray diagonal across upper body
fxa_bloodsmall_c Small Blood spatter from the chest
fxa_bodyimp_lining_c No visible effect
fxa_buff_conj_c No visible effect
fxa_charm_c Yellow swirl inward around the head then yellow sparks outward
fxa_crt_con_c Yellow sparks down and behind right hand
fxa_crt_imp_c Blue green sparks from back and shoulders
fxa_crt_pet_c Subject encased in black rock, green explosion with rock shards
fxa_crt_swarm_c Brown insects and orange moths on top half of body
fxa_dazed_c No visible effect
fxa_dazed_impact_c No visible effect
fxa_deactivate_c White glow and distortion from trunk and sparks
fxa_def_imp_c Bright blow inwards to body and flashes body parts
fxa_dies_imp_c No visible effect
fxa_dirt_impact_c Head impacted with dirt and glow
fxa_dise_cloud_c Brown dust cloud followed yellow green glow
fxa_dise_imp_c Yellow glow brown dust impact
fxa_dispel_conj_c No visible effect
fxa_dispel_imp_c Whiteish blue glow and distortion from head
fxa_ent_con_c Glowing stream from back and right
fxa_ent_conj_aoe_c Swirling white orange glow from back and right
fxa_ent_conj_c Wispy smoke and flames from outside to up around subject, glow to the back and right
fxa_ent_daz_c Flash of light and wisps inwards to trunk
fxa_ent_dth_c Glow and smokey wisps upwards from feet
fxa_ent_hrr_c Smokey wisp inwards to trunk flash and wisp outwards
fxa_ent_imp_c Reddish orange swirl on trunk
fxa_ent_par_c Dirt or black wisps falling from body
fxa_ent_rt_c Vines from ground spring up back and to left
fxa_ent_slp_c Sleeping Z's from head
fxa_ent_slw_c Small flames and smoke from under feet
fxa_evl_con_c Yellow pink rays from behind and right
fxa_evl_conj_c Dark purplish swirls and electricity from outer ground around subject, glow behind and right
fxa_evl_imp_c Pinkish purple swirl on chest
fxa_fire_arrow_c No visible effect
fxa_fire_blsta_c No visible effect
fxa_fire_cnj_aoe_c Orange glow, balls and distortion back and right
fxa_fire_cone_c Bluish white rays from back and right
fxa_fire_conj_c Orange ball with distortion and sparks back and right
fxa_fire_crust_c Upper body in flames smoke and soot rise from under feet
fxa_fire_ctplt_c No visible effect
fxa_fire_imp_c No visible effect
fxa_fire_imp_m_c Fire and distortion from chest, sparks from feet
fxa_fire_imp_s_c Fire and distortion and sparks from chest
fxa_fire_swrd_c No visible effect
fxa_gen01_conj_c No visible effect
fxa_glow_blue_c Blue pulsing glow on body
fxa_glow_red_c Red pulsing glow on body
fxa_heal_conjur2_c No visible effect
fxa_heal_conjure_c Blue white glow from legs and trunk 1028
fxa_heal_impact_c No visible effect
fxa_healconjure_c No visible effect
fxa_hly_con_c Orange rays back and right
fxa_hly_imp_c Whiteish swirl on trunk
fxa_hly_pur_imp_c Whiteish yellow ray from high comes down on body
fxa_hly_swrd_c No visible effect
fxa_ice_con_c White flash with distortion, smoke and white sparks from back and right
fxa_ice_conj_aoe_c White snowy swirls around the subject
fxa_ice_conj_c Light snow/frost effects around the body
fxa_ice_crust_c White pulsing glow on body
fxa_ice_imp_c Snowy ice impact on chest
fxa_ice_swrd_c No visible effect
fxa_ice_wg_c Major white explosion with distortion and lasting white glow
fxa_li_conj_c Blueish purple particle rising from ground where placed
fxa_licone_c Sparse white particles rising from ground where placed
fxa_lightning_conj_c No visible effect
fxa_lightning_crust_c No visible effect
fxa_lit_cone_c Electrical effects and distortion behind and to the right
fxa_lit_conj_aoe_c White particles build up ending with large electrical burst
fxa_lit_conj_c Electrical build up around trunk and lower body ending in a pinky purple flash
fxa_lit_crust_c Pinky white flash around upper trunk then white particles fall
fxa_lit_imp_c Electrical impact on upper chest
fxa_lit_swrd_c No visible effect
fxa_mac_bind_c Orange flash and then particles moving inwards
fxa_mind_rot_c Brownish dusty particles from head
fxa_mnd_con_c Massive distortion from body outwards
fxa_mnd_conj_c Distortion from ground upwards on body builds to a burst
fxa_mnd_imp_c Distortion from head
fxa_nat_con_c White glow from back and to the right
fxa_nat_conj_aoe_c Green glow above head, orange fiery circle at feet, swirling rectangles around body
fxa_nat_conj_c Lava like rock beneath feet, small green glow emitting particles
fxa_nat_imp_c Thin white rectangles from body via impact
fxa_phys_imp_c No visible effect
fxa_ply_con_c No visible effect
fxa_ply_conj_c No visible effect
fxa_ply_imp_c No visible effect
fxa_pois_cloud_c Greenish cloud with distortion from body
fxa_pois_imp_c Greenish cloud impacts on body
fxa_pois_swrd_c No visible effect
fxa_pow_crust_c Blue smoke from placed location
fxa_pri_e_aura_c White burst then sparkles from around body
fxa_rage_crust_c Whole body is on fire, aflame
fxa_self_deto_c Large burst of brown dust from body
fxa_shieldimpact_c Small flash, burst from left hand
fxa_sparkle_c No visible effect
fxa_sparks_imp_c Small flash, burst from right hand
fxa_spi_ani_ded_c Blue orbs hit body with distortion and black tentacles
fxa_spi_aur_mht_c Quick fiery flash upwards with smoke
fxa_spi_con_c No visible effect
fxa_spi_cone_c No visible effect
fxa_spi_conj_aoe_c Glow and smoky wisps upwards from feet, blue sparkles near right hand
fxa_spi_conj_c Small smoky wisp and blue sparks from right hand
fxa_spi_corps_c  ?
fxa_spi_frc_prs_c Explosion outward with sparks and smoke ring rises into air from placed location
fxa_spi_imp_c No visible effect
fxa_spi_spl_pwr_c Blue smoky distortion around body ending in flash
fxa_spi_spl_shd_c White burst outwards with smoke behind where placed
fxa_spi_spl_wsp_c Blueish white puff explosion where placed
fxa_stealth_c No visible effect
fxa_stone_swrd_c No visible effect
fxa_storm_area_c No visible effect
fxa_stren_imp_c fiery swirl around body
fxa_stun_crust_c Smoky impact on head, stun circles above head
fxa_sum_con_c Pinky beam down behind and right
fxa_sum_conj_aoe_c White sparks and yellow swirls inwards then yellow burst outwards
fxa_tal_cry_val_c White glow with distortion outwards with sparks
fxa_tal_demoral_c Greenish white small burst with sparks from head and shoulders
fxa_tal_mod_c Rotating red runes on ground around feet, red glow on body
fxa_tal_momnt_c Bright white burst and glow with sparks from upper body
fxa_tal_rally_im_c No visible effect
fxa_tal_rlly_imp_c Flash outwards circles outwards then inwards
fxa_tal_sh_wall_c Major distortion with debris from ground up
fxa_trans_in_c Large fast yellow flash outwards
fxa_trans_out_c Large fast yellow flash outwards, body glows yellow
fxa_unholy_swrd_c No visible effect
fxa_warcry_c Distortion emanates outwards
fxa_web_crust_c Flash from feet body encased in web
fxa_antim_imp_p No visible effect
fxa_arc_hor_p No visible effect
fxa_arc_might_p Pinkish white flash
fxa_arrow_trail_p Glowing arrow trail
fxa_aura_p No visible effect
fxa_bl_pool_l_p No visible effect
fxa_bl_pool_m_p No visible effect
fxa_bl_pool_s_p No visible effect
fxa_bld_aoe_p fiery orange and blood red wisps all over area
fxa_bld_dr_proj_p No visible effect
fxa_bld_imp_p small orange and blood red impact
fxa_bld_pro_p No visible effect
fxa_bld_splatter_p Blood spatter upwards
fxa_blizz_area_p Blizzard all over area
fxa_blizz1_area_p No visible effect
fxa_blizz2_area_p No visible effect
fxa_blk_orb_proj_p Very small distortion
fxa_bottle_exp_p No visible effect
fxa_boulder_mac_p No visible effect
fxa_boulder_proj_p No visible effect
fxa_bridge_exp_p Massive fiery explosion with debris
fxa_burrow_imp_p Dirt and rocks spew upwards from ground
fxa_cnt_aoe_p Area becomes dark large dust storm, with other weird stuff
fxa_crt_aoe_p Large area of orangey yellow wisps and sparks
fxa_crt_conj_aoe fiery particle and wisps go inwards
fxa_crt_gr_aoe_p Yellowy green grease spreads outwards over a large area
fxa_crt_gr_aoesm_p Yellowy green grease spreads outwards
fxa_crt_gr_f_sm_p Fire and flames over large area with distortion
fxa_crt_gr_fire_p Fire and flames over large area with distortion
fxa_crt_gr_proj_p No visible effect
fxa_crt_imp_p fiery impact
fxa_crt_pro_p No visible effect
fxa_crt_proj_p fiery projectile from 45 degree angle
fxa_crt_sf_p No visible effect
fxa_crt_spblm_p fiery projectile from 45 degree angle, with impact
fxa_crt_swarm_p Small swarm of brown and fiery moths/bugs
fxa_crt_wos_p Large rocks crash together with greeny white flash and debris
fxa_deactivate_p No visible effect
fxa_devine_res_p Whiteish pink burst from ground upwards with sparks
fxa_dispel_proj_p No visible effect
fxa_ent_aoe_dc_p Large area goes dark with dark smokey wisps
fxa_ent_aoe_p No visible effect
fxa_ent_daz_p Orange and brown colours moving inwards
fxa_ent_imp_p fiery swirls then a fiery impact
fxa_ent_par_p No visible effect
fxa_ent_pro_p Fire with smokey wisp pulling away from it
fxa_fire_aoe_p Large rotating fiery maelstrom
fxa_fire_ctp_imp_p Large fiery impact with lots of debris
fxa_fire_ctplt_b_p Large fire blast impact
fxa_fire_ctplt_p Dirt/debris blast
fxa_fire_inf_p No visible effect
fxa_fire_proj_p fiery projectile impact
fxa_fireball_imp_p Large fireball impact
fxa_fireball_imp_p Small fireball impact
fxa_fs_run_p No visible effect
fxa_fs_walk_p No visible effect
fxa_fsdust_run_p Footprint in dust impact
fxa_fsdust_walk_p Footprint in dust impact
fxa_gas_aoe_p Yellowy green gas forms over large area
fxa_gas_exp_p fiery sparks rise from the ground
fxa_glyph_nue_p fiery glyph with distortion and smoky wisp 1
fxa_glyph_rep_p fiery glyph with distortion and smoky wisp 2
fxa_glyph_ward_p fiery glyph with distortion and smoky wisp 3
fxa_hly_aoe_p Large whitish orange fiery waves over large area
fxa_hly_imp_p fiery impact and swirl
fxa_hly_pro_p Small fiery blob
fxa_ice_cld_p Large icy impact with ice debris
fxa_ice_proj_p Ice projectile
fxa_ice_sheet_p Icy impact that spreads out over a large area
fxa_lightning_imp_p No visible effect
fxa_lightning_p No visible effect
fxa_lit_imp_p Lightning impact
fxa_lit_proj_p Lightning and sparks
fxa_lit_projbt_p No visible effect
fxa_lit_strike_p Lightning strike
fxa_lit_tep_aoe_p Large lightning storm over large area
fxa_met_shrd_p Small shards protruding from ground
fxa_mist_p Blackish green smoky mist over medium area
fxa_mnd_aoe_p fiery distortion over a large area
fxa_mnd_imp_p Swirling distortion
fxa_mnd_pro_p Small fiery (projectile) with distortion
fxa_nat_aoe_p Large fiery impact that spreads outwards with smoke
fxa_nat_imp_p Weird rectangles with impact and sparks
fxa_nat_pro_p Smoky projectile
fxa_nat_qke_p Rocks and debris bouncing up over a large area
fxa_ply_aoe_p No visible effect
fxa_ply_imp_p Smokey impact that circles outwards
fxa_ply_pro_p No visible effect
fxa_pois_spit_p Bright projectile and yellowy orange impact
fxa_pri_glyph_p fiery glyph with distortion and smokey wisp 4
fxa_projectileball_p Small electrical spot away from location
fxa_reven_pull_p Pinky orange swirls rotating over a medium area
fxa_root_imp_p Yellow green fiery explosion with smoke
fxa_shockproject_p No visible effect
fxa_spi_aoe_p White green impact with distortion outwards over a large area
fxa_spi_fwall_p Pinkish white concentric circles outwards
fxa_spi_fwimp_p Projectile with impact and small smoke
fxa_spi_imp_p Large smokey impact
fxa_spi_impact_p No visible effect
fxa_spi_proj_p No visible effect
fxa_spit_p No visible effect
fxa_staff_cold_p Small frosty patch
fxa_staff_fire_p Small fiery patch
fxa_staff_gen_p Small white sparky patch
fxa_staff_ice_p Small icey patch
fxa_staff_lit_p Small lightning patch
fxa_staff_pois_p Small green smokey patch
fxa_steam_aoe_p Steam flashes and steam swirls over large area
fxa_storm_area_p Lightning storm and rain over large area
fxa_sum_aoe_p Yellow and pink flames over large area
fxa_sum_fad_p Large yellowy green impact with black tentacles and debris
fxa_sum_hev_p Massive fiery impact from the sky with debris
fxa_sum_imp_p Small fiery impact
fxa_sum_pro_p Small fiery projectile
fxa_tal_shatter_p Projectile with blocky debris
fxa_tal_taunt_p White flash with distortion inwards
fxa_tal_threat_p Small greeny white swirly ball
fxa_web_pro_p Small white patch