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List 3rd party extensions and applications here!

Third party applications


  • Tazpn's command line tools - This packages includes an command line application for converting Dragon Age models from the native format to something that can be manipulated or used a reference for non-derivative works.
  • GUI for tazpn's Command Line Tools - This is an easy-to-use program to convert Dragon Age Models utilizing tazpn's Command Line Tools & the Dragon Age Toolset Command Line Tools.
  • DATool: DA model manipulator - This is a tool for viewing, retexturing and resizing DA models. DATool allows you to easily browse the available DA models and make certain modifications to them.
  • DA:O Toolset Model Exporter - 3DS max and GMax. Can export static and animatable models. Also Collision,Materials,Animation. Current Version: 1.5.0
  • Blender Import-Export Script - A set of tools to import-export meshes and extract resources from erf or rim files, all working into Blender.
  • LightWave import-export plugin - a plugin for NewTek LightWave 3D. Currently allows to import .msh files into LightWave and export 3d data from Modeler module to .msh.xml format.
  • Lightmap Post Processor - Remove black artifacts from lightmaps.
  • GMax/3DSMax DA:O Model and Animation Import Export - Importing and Exporting of Models and Animation. Model Creation Tools. Supports the free GMax as well as 3dsmax4 to 2011. Latest Version5.30 (08/23/2010)


Game data

  • GDApp - GDApp is a simple editor that natively creates or modifies Dragon Age: Origins GD2A spreadsheet files (*.gda), without the need of Excel files.